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Who We Are

Production Welding Inc. is a company created in July 2015 by Michael Garnett to meet the demands of a rapidly growing market. Consistency, competence and safety along with a production work pace are the qualities that set this company apart and keep our customers satisfied. Our employees are skilled and professional and are all fully qualified in every aspect of any job we undertake.

We specialize in full-penetration welding, partial penetration welding, such as tubing, column splices and all fillet welding. Other misc welding, such as decking are also sometimes done when we have completed the heavy welding to aid our customer in completing a project.
While we strive for a production workpace it is very important for us to maintain quality in all our work and safety is our number one concern above all else. Our employess are trained and certified and each individual is a competent person. Safety is taken very seriously, weekly toolbox talks as well as participation in any safety meetings held by the general contractor.
Our work speaks for itself and with fair competative prices, most of our customers do not even consider another company as their go-to after working with us. Give us a call, we can get the job done.

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